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Dr. Schutz Available Solutions

Dr. Schutz Solutions are especially suitable for Vinyl & Design floors, Linoleum & Rubber floors, Industrial, Concrete and Stone; in buildings like Kindergartens, Schools, Gyms and Sports Facilities, Hospitals, Supermarkets and more.

We offer the complete family of Dr. Schutz Solutions: WAXNOMOR, MARKNOMOR, SLIPNOMOR and COLORIZE.


Reduce Your Maintenance Budget and Still have the Cleanest, Most Hygenic Floors in the World

The standards for cleanliness and disinfection of health care facilities are much more stringent in Europe than here in the U.S. and the most popular resilient floor maintenance systems in Europe is Dr. Schutz. Like it or not, the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) means that hospitals will have to maintain higher standards of cleanliness to abide by the new legislation and remain profitable.

Learn more about how Dr. Schutz can help reduce your budget and still meet Obamacare's standards.


Is protecting the environment at the top of your list? Then Dr. Schutz is the Solution!

Dr. Schutz has been producing unique, safe and environmentally friendly water-based floor finishes for over 50 years. Using Dr. Schutz will dramatically reduce your consumption of water, eliminate using hazardous stripping chemicals and reduce your use of electricity.

Learn more about how Dr. Schutz can reduce maintenance costs and meet your "green" goals.