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Reduce Your Maintenance Budget and Still have the Cleanest, Most Hygenic Floors in the World


The standards for cleanliness and disinfection of health care facilities are much more stringent in Europe than here in the U.S. and the most popular resilient floor maintenance systems in Europe is Dr. Schutz. Like it or not, the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) means that hospitals will have to maintain higher standards of cleanliness to abide by the new legislation and remain profitable.

Due to Obamacare, if hospitals do not maintain a sanitary environment, they may be at risk for being investigated by the federal government. Hospitals may also receive fines from the government for failing to uphold clean treatment centers for patients.

Other aspects of this legislation will impact the profitability of most health care facilities. It’s becoming more important than ever before to make sure you get the most for every maintenance dollar spent.

So why not check out the floor maintenance systems that have become the world standard, which have also been documented to cut your maintenance budget by as much as 60 percent.


The benefits of the Dr. Schutz Floor Coating System include:

  • Long term protection from wear and tear
  • Less bacterial growth thanks to hermetically sealed joints
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and disinfectants
  • Substantially improved appearance
  • Easier day-to-day maintenance
  • Proven to extend the lifetime of floor use
  • Both eco friendly and economical

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