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Dr. Schutz

Is protecting the environment at the top of your list?
Then Dr. Schutz is the Solution!

  • Over 50 years of producing unique, safe and environmentally friendly water-based floor finishes
  • Manufacturing and packaging of our products using sustainable resources
  • Reduce maintenance costs by as much as 50% when compared to traditional stripping and waxing
  • Using Dr. Schutz will dramatically reduce your consumption of water, eliminate using hazardous stripping chemicals and reduce your use of electricity
  • Dr. Schutz family of Waxnomor products meets or exceeds the many different European and USA air quality emissions and pollutant standards

Dr. Schutz Services: the economical, effective and environmentally-friendly solution

  • Need to constantly strip and wax due to wear or poor application by other providers?
  • Unsightly chemical stains and questionable hygienic conditions?
  • Hazardous and slippery surfaces that donít meet safety requirements?
  • Using thousands of gallons of water and chemicals annually to stay maintained?