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Dr. Schutz Resilient Flooring Solutions


Dr. Schutz Solutions are especially suitable for Vinyl & Design floors, Linoleum & Rubber floors, Industrial, Concrete and Stone; in buildings like Kindergartens, Schools, Gyms and Sports Facilities, Hospitals, Supermarkets and more. We offer the complete family of Dr. Schutz Solutions: WAXNOMOR, MARKNOMOR, SLIPNOMOR and COLORIZE.



Waxnomor provides 47% overall savings in maintenance and renovation costs when compared with traditional stripping and waxing. Protect your surface from chemicals and make it particularly easy to clean. Extend the life of your flooring with guaranteed long-term protection against friction damage and scratches. Waxnomor also offers extremely low VOC release and water usage compared to traditional methods. You can even add company logos and designs to your floor's surface for effective facility branding!



Commercial Floor Care is pleased to now offer WAXNOMOR UV Wear Layer, the ultimate protection for your hard surface flooring. The revolutionary Dr. Schutz process already cuts the maintenance cost of resilient and other hard surface flooring nearly in half, but this new state-of-the-art UV Wear Layer cure process enhances both appearance and protection, making the floor even more durable and resistant to wear.  It comes in Matte or Satin finish and the floor is immediately available for use! 



Marknomor's special sealing product adds high resistance to dyes and chemicals for applications where hygiene and appearance are top priority.




Slipnomor guarantees extra slip resistance that meets R 10 and BS 7976-2 requirements.




Redesign your floor without the hassle of old flooring disposal and new flooring installation. ColorRize updates your worn out hard flooring surface (including resilient, wood, concrete/stone and more) with unlimited possibilities for design and layout. You can choose from 14 standard colors and over 200 custom colors, a variety of chip combinations, and add logos or other inlays.