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Green Solutions


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At Commercial Floor Care, we’ve invested a great deal of time and research to find the absolute best "green" products and systems to clean each specific flooring type. For carpet and textiles, we offer the MilliCare Dry Care process. For ceramic tile, we provide SaniGLAZE Tile & Grout Restoration. We also provide Dr. Schutz solutions for all your resilient flooring needs


Clean is Green

With the ongoing trend to make work spaces more environmentally friendly, or green, many decision makers are overlooking the obvious.  In their rush to install compact fluorescent light bulbs and recycle tin cans, they are forgetting about the basics.  Yes, energy conservation and recycling are both significant components in a sustainable future, but clean carpeting and odor-free ceramic tile bathrooms may be even more important.

Learn more about the U.S. EPA's recommendations for Indoor Environmental Quality, the cornerstone of any meaningful green initiative.


MilliCare Green Clean for Carpet & Textiles

Business is more focused on the environment than ever before. Which means you’ve probably been challenged to find more sustainable approaches to maintenance. Without any extra time or effort, you can satisfy the demand for Green with MilliCare.

Reduce water and energy usage, reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and increase the life of your carpet.


SaniGLAZE Sustainable Tile & Grout Restoration

The SaniGlaze process offers an eco-friendly tile flooring option that makes your tile surface last longer and eliminates the need for complete tile and grout replacement.

Find out how SaniGLAZE improved indoor air quality, eliminates mold & mildew and may even contribute toward Green Building Certification.


Dr. Schutz Environmentally Friendly Resilient Flooring Solutions

Dr. Schutz has been producing unique, safe and environmentally friendly water-based floor finishes for over 50 years. Using Dr. Schutz will dramatically reduce your consumption of water, eliminate using hazardous stripping chemicals and reduce your use of electricity.

Learn more about how Dr. Schutz can reduce maintenance costs and meet your "green" goals.