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Green Carpet Care: Benefits for Your Business


Business is more focused on the environment than ever before. Which means you’ve probably been challenged to find more sustainable approaches to maintenance. Without any extra time or effort, you can satisfy the demand for Green with MilliCare.


The Less You Use, The More You Save

Sometimes, it’s just that simple. Water-based cleaning systems require the use of water. So, they not only leave harmful residues and moisture in your carpet. They also run up your water bill. MilliCare's Dry Care technology uses 99.5% less water. Think about what you’d save.


Save Energy, Reduce Carbon Emissions

Hot-water extraction methods use 319% more energy to clean the same square footage as MilliCare’s Dry Care technology. That translates into 77% higher emissions. Using MilliCare can reduce your electricity usage by 85%. How’s that for cutting costs and reducing your carbon footprint?


The More You Clean, The Longer It Lasts

Ultimately, it’s your choice to clean your carpet and chairs or to replace them. With MilliCare, you’re making the responsible decision to extend the life of your carpet and textiles. Regular cleanings make your materials last longer. Even when you think your carpet or furnishings are as good as gone, a deep cleaning can often bring them back to life. The longer you keep your carpet and textiles, the less often they need to be replaced and the longer they’re kept out of a landfill. Your budget and the earth like that decision.


Improved Indoor Air Quality, Happy People

A clean working environment lets employees and customers know you care about their health, their comfort, your company, and the environment. Indoor Air Quality improves employee productivity. The benefits are positive and immediate, from feeling better and more alert to having more energy and not needing as many breaks. Fresher, cleaner air in your facility will keep employees motivated. That’s a responsible decision of incalculable value.