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MilliCare Services


MilliCare's industry-leading dry carpet technology removes dirt, extends your carpet’s life and improves the air around everyone in your space. There is no better way to clean. We also provide MilliCare's complete service offering, including Textile & Upholstery Care, Spot Care, Air Care, Fiber Protection, Entry Protection.


MilliCare Carpet Care

Once our environmentally friendly polymer is brushed into your carpet, it clings to the particles on and beneath the surface. When we vacuum the polymer and the dirt away at the same time, you’re left with clean, dry, and residue- free carpet. You’ll go from dirty to clean without needing time to dry. And you’ll be back in business in no time.


MilliCare Textile & Upholstery Care

We can care for all your fabric, upholstery, office cubicles and other textiles. We pressurize our liquid textile solution to decrease its droplet size. Smaller droplets penetrate deeper into the material and can be more easily extracted. We remove the solution and the dirt, and you’re back to clean in a single step.


MilliCare Spot Care

Nothing stands out like a spot. And improper spot removal can actually make things worse by leaving behind detergent or residue or by leaving the stain in the base of the carpet so the spot reappears. That’s why our technicians are experts at carpet spot removal. MilliCare can ensure your stains are gone. For good.


MilliCare Air Care

MilliCare's Air Care odor neutralizing solution is not just a temporary cover up. It permanently neutralizes and eliminates odors on a molecular level, giving you a renewed sense of clean in only twenty minutes.

Forget offensive chemical residues and smells. Our technology is safe, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. That’s clean and green for you, your customers, and for the planet.


MilliCare Fiber Protection

By keeping dirt and stains from sticking to your carpet in the first place, MilliCare Fiber Protector safeguards your carpet fibers from the inside out, making the carpet easier to keep clean and harder to stain. Carpet protected with a stain and soil resistant treatment lasts longer and needs to be cleaned less often – lowering your long-term maintenance costs and protecting your valuable investment in your building’s carpet.


MilliCare Entry Protection

Keeping your carpets clean begins at the source - the entrances to your buildings, where visitors and employees track soil from the outside, inside. We can design a MilliCare Entry Protection system that best fits your needs and traffic patterns, while protecting your flooring investment.