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MilliCare's industry-leading dry carpet technology removes dirt, extends your carpet’s life and improves the air around everyone in your space. There is no better way to clean.

Dry Carpet Care, Textile & Upholstery Care, Spot Care, Air Care, Fiber Protection, Entry Protection


Why MilliCare Dry Care?

You’re bombarded with choices when it comes to cleaning your buildings’ carpet and textiles. When comparing a hot water extraction method to the MilliCare Dry Care technology, there is no question. Dry Care is your answer.

Learn about reducing water usage, time and cleaning residue with Dry Care.


How MilliCare Works

Using the MilliCare process, we can give you a customized plan that addresses the needs of your facility. Your carpet will be clean, it will last longer, and better yet, you won’t have to give it another thought.

Understand our cleaning process and find out how you can have Worry Free Clean.


Green Carpet Care

Business is more focused on the environment than ever before. Which means you’ve probably been challenged to find more sustainable approaches to maintenance. Without any extra time or effort, you can satisfy the demand for Green with MilliCare.

Reduce water and energy usage, reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and increase the life of your carpet.