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SaniGLAZE Tile & Grout Restoration




SaniGLAZE Services

We can customize a SaniGLAZE Tile & Grout Restoration service to meet your needs and budget - from removing contaminants to shielding them out.


Why Choose SaniGLAZE for Tile and Grout Repair?

With the SaniGLAZE proprietary cleaning process, we can restore your floors to look like new without the major expense of a complete tile replacement. As long as the tiles and grout are not damaged, tile restoration from SaniGLAZE is your best option. 

Learn how SaniGLAZE is good for your bottom line, the environment and your business.


How Does SaniGLAZE Work?

SaniGLAZE is more than just tile and grout cleaning. It is a multi-step restoration process using proprietary products and systems that will permanently solve your tile and grout problems.

See how we turn your dirty and unsanitary tile into "better than new" tile..


SaniGLAZE Sustainability

The SaniGlaze process offers an eco-friendly tile flooring option that makes your tile surface last longer and eliminates the need for complete tile and grout replacement.

Find out how SaniGLAZE improved indoor air quality, eliminates mold & mildew and may even contribute toward Green Building Certification.