Total Floor Maintenance Solutions


Our Services include MilliCare Dry Carpet Care, Fabric and Upholstery Cleaning, SaniGLAZE Tile and Grout Restoration, Dr. Schutz Resilient Flooring Solutions, VCT Maintenance and Sealing, Ceramic Tile Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction.

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MilliCare Dry Carpet Care & Other Services

MilliCare's industry-leading dry carpet technology removes dirt, extends your carpetís life and improves the air around everyone in your space. There is no better way to clean. We also provide MilliCare's complete service offering, including Textile & Upholstery Care, Spot Care, Air Care, Fiber Protection, Entry Protection.

SaniGLAZE Tile & Grout Restoration

SaniGLAZE is a multi-step restoration process using proprietary products and systems that will permanently solve your tile and grout problems.

Dr. Schutz Resilient Flooring Solutions

The economical, effective and environmentally-friendly solution for your problem resilient flooring, including Waxnomor, Marknomor, Slipnomor and ColorRize.

VCT Maintenance and Sealing

Vinyl composition tiles (VCT) requires periodic treatment to maintain appearance and functionality. Commercial Floor Care offers services like buffing, stripping, waxing and refinishing. We use the best products and techniques to obtain your desired finish and meet any budget and safety requirements.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Keeping your ceramic tile floors clean, dry, and properly maintained is an essential part of creating a safe and healthy environment. We have the knowledge and techniques to provide expert care for your ceramic tile and grout. We offer maintenance and restoration solutions that are customized to meet your goals and budget.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water and cleaning agents are propelled into your carpet pile at high pressure, where they loosen up dirt, soil, and grime. In almost the same motion a high-powered vacuum removes the hot water, dirt and stains in your carpet along with it. Commercial Floor Care can create a carpet cleaning plan to meet your needs.