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Why Choose SaniGLAZE for Tile and Grout Repair?


With the SaniGLAZE proprietary cleaning process, we can restore your floors to look like new without the major expense of a complete tile replacement. As long as the tiles and grout are not damaged, tile restoration from SaniGLAZE is your best option.  It’s more cost effective and environmentally-friendly with minimal downtime, plus protection that can keep your tile floors looking like new for many years.


Good for Your Bottom Line

Tile and grout cleaning and repair are industry headaches that require allocating dollars that simply do not generate the desired long-term solution. The SaniGLAZE procedure is the professional, permanent solution you are looking for to eliminate those grout stains.


Good for the Environment

Maintaining ceramic tile flooring systems in heavily trafficked commercial facilities traditionally requires harsh and abrasive chemicals for tile and grout cleaning. While these chemicals remove some of the floor’s contaminants, they diminish the integrity of the floor over time and are harsh on the environment. Why compromise both the integrity of your floor and generate waste that ends up in a landfill? With SaniGLAZE, green products that are safe, biodegradable and environmentally friendly are all you need to keep your tile surfaces clean. 


Good for Your Business

A building’s dirty, dingy and odorous ceramic tile and grout floors can diminish the image of the company. With the innovative SaniGLAZE restorative bonding technology, used during our tile and grout repair and cleaning process, your company’s mission statement is reflected in your floors.